Art & Contemplation is a God-given inspiration which has become reality! A new born apostolate that seeks to evangelize through art and beauty.

I believe that our world and souls needs light and beauty! There is a need to learn how to pause. A need to contemplate and discover the Beauty of the Presence of God in everything.

My Story

I grew up surrounded by beauty. I’m a contemplative soul who sees the beautiful Presence of God in nature, people, and in the joys and difficulties of life.

My name is Gaetane Auger and I come from a loving family of five girls. After living in London and Tokyo in my early childhood, we settled back in France where all my family currently lives.

Painting became a hobby in middle school with watercolor being my favorite medium. I love the contrast between the vibrant colors and the transparency of the light. After high school I wanted to study at les Arts Décoratifs in Paris, but God had other plans for me…

In 2002, I finished a gap year as a Catholic missionary and from there decided to answer God’s deeper vocation through entering the Consecrated Life in Regnum Christi. I gave away all my paints when I heard: “Do you love me more than these?” (Jn 21:15) Today, the Lord is giving back this talent for His mission.

Since 2017, I have lived in the Atlanta area serving as a Community Director and with the family programs at Pinecrest Academy. In the midst of these activities, I have learned not to wait for the perfect moment to dip my paint brushes!

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How did the cards begin? 

Spring of 2021, I hand painted a “Thank You” card for a friend. This friend then asked me to offer a “Prayer and Painting Workshop” in response to loving my card. After this event, I felt encouraged to do a mini art-exhibition, "Consecrated Life, Witness to the Beauty of God" and to present five different hand-made greeting cards which I printed for selling. All of the cards sold out within ten days, and the demand for more cards hasn’t stopped since!