"Artistic expression can bring us to remember God, to help us to pray or even to convert our heart!" Pope Benedict XVI

"Gaetane! You went above and beyond by sharing your gift of painting. You taught us so much in 2 days that I never knew about watercolors."

Prayer & Painting Workshops 

More than a painting class, it's learning the Art of Contemplation!

When is the last time you have picked up a paint brush?

I have heard too many people say that they love painting or drawing but never do it.
I feel we don't give ourselves permission to pause and paint.
As women, in particular, we need time and space to reconnect with that artistic fiber in our heart.
That fiber is a powerful way to encounter ourselves and encounter God. Life suddenly becomes colorful again!

Come and encounter with others who share the same passion and struggles!
Prayer & Painting Workshop offers a spiritual experience which helps to awake our contemplative gaze. 

Are you interested?

Are you a beginner, intermediate or advanced and just want to pray and paint with others? 

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In March 2021, I offered an "overnight painting experience" as an auction item of the Atlanta RC Gala, in gratitude for the generous support we received. The group of ladies who had bid on this item was a Regnum Christi encounter team (Bible study group). They shared that it was more than a painting experience, it was a spiritual retreat that nourished their soul with beauty, contemplation and the joy of friendship. It was a life-giving experience for me too. The comment that touched me the most was: "I see my surroundings with new eyes!"

"I love the painting set, with paper and brushes that we were able to take home with us so we can continue to practice what we learned. Not only did you teach us some really cool painting techniques, but you even took time to feed us spiritually. I really enjoyed the meditation you shared with us on the Art of Contemplation. Another visual that has stuck with me is thinking about the landscape of my soul. I love how these discussions tied into the painting experience." -Denise

"It’s all about 'the love right?' We certainly experienced God’s perfect love and grace! We entered a taste of heaven from the moment we arrived; first view of the cabin and surrounding mountaintops with the sunset and then entering the cabin to be greeted with the loving smiles. Gaetane’s gentle and talented guidance into the world of water color painting. My family of sisters, our focus on faith, and so much fun and laughter. Filled with heartfelt gratitude for the opportunity to be in Christ with my sisters. I’ll never forget it!" -Liz

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