Support Us

 "Look at the birds in the sky, your Heavenly Father feeds them, will He not provide much more for you?" Mt 6

How can you support?

1. Donate now by becoming a friend, patron, or benefactor

2. Buy lots and lots of cards

3. Spread by word of mouth! 

Become a Friend

Donate to Art & Contemplation to help it grow and operate.
Donations from $5 to $100

Be a Patron

Give wings to the creative ideas and new artworks!
Donate to Art & Contemplation
Donations from $150 to $500* 


You will receive a thank you gift of a pack of 10 Greeting Cards. 


Become a Benefactor to our Community

Support directly the community and mission of the Consecrated Women of Regnum Christ in Atlanta. 

Receive a Holy Hour Prayer card for you and your intentions. 

Thank you for your generosity!

What are the needs?

Art & Contemplation is a new and growing apostolate. You are witnessing the first steps! You can be part of this mission to bring light, beauty and joy to the world. 

As this ministry grows, so too do the expenses. Donations help me to continue to grow, operate and share more artwork!

The need today is to cover the printing expenses of the greeting cards and to have the funds to print new ones. ($2000)

Basic cost for 100 cards = $150 

The second step will be to invest some material to grow the shop and communication: i.e. stands, light for higher quality pictures, material for the Prayer & Painting workshops, etc.

*Tax exemption receipts will be provided for donations of $250 and more, by Pastoral Support Services/DBA Art & Contemplation (non-profit).